How do you make milk

The life expectancy of the naka is between  25-35   - year. From the age of four, in the fall or winter months, the naka can become pregnant. 35 Behar or Bekerah. - day), one baby "380" - after twelve and a half months of pregnancy .
The baker was born, for the most part, towards spring. In the first months of his life, he is close to his mother, protected from cold and wind by a corpse, and drains milk from her.
Yark - entrance to the farm - the naka and the baker enter the research farm at the end of spring. At the farm they receive high-quality natural food  high-quality seeds, in the simulation of nature. Then our milking season begins.
In chronic skin diseases, a significant improvement in symptoms was observed in most of the three patients within months and a change in the pattern of the disease in the future. Arthritis may also be observed, as well as problems with the respiratory system or chronic problems in the intestines. Relative, or until full disappearance of the symptoms. However, the benefit is remission / relaxation
In the following fall or winter, the naaka is pregnant again, and "dehydrates" / stops producing milk. 15 At this point, in the winter, the naka will leave the farm for grazing in the wild for a period of. Year of pregnancy + litter  - 16 months 8 and again ... Go back to the farm, with the young male, for another milking period of. - Months only
 Milk production - the milk produces milk only when its son, the coward, is next to it. She holds the milk in the stomach (not the udder), and is ready to fill the udder only when the baker tries to suckle. 40 cows yield between one liter of milk a day (for comparison 4 - you can milk about one liter a day)
Staying in the natural pasture has an important significance for preserving the biological nature of the naka. - The quality of the milk in the grazing pasture eats a variety of natural herbs, including various herbs (and even according to a special eating order), thus preserving the biological nature of the naka and the high quality of the milk for human service

Camel milk
Numerous studies in Israel and around the world point to the many qualities of the milk of naaka and its contribution to human health. In popular folklore and among the Bedouins, milk is known for having amazing medicinal properties.
Improve skin appearance and treat skin diseases due to fats essential to improve skin health. The milk is saturated with proteins that provide moisture to the skin, rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant, contains a significant proportion of vitamins B12, A, B1, B2 and carotene, and is rich in antibacterial agents that help prevent skin diseases and maintain skin health over time.
Naked milk is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids that soften the skin, give it flexibility, help smooth it and prevent wrinkles
The development of the brain - It is found that the breast milk contains Poppers, which help in the development and strengthening of the human brain. This oil is found naturally in breast milk and helps in building some of the brain tissue and also affects the activity of the nerves.
Allergies - Milk contains no protein, such as in casein and beta-lactoglobulin, which are found in cow's milk and cause allergies. Even those who are sensitive to cow's milk can drink milk without fear

The therapeutic potential of the milk
In comparison to other natural ingredients containing a few ingredients, the milk contains more than 100,000 different chemical molecules, including growth proteins, insulin factor, natural antibiotics, essential fats, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
Thanks to its unique ingredients, the use of breast milk can significantly improve many diseases and physiological problems, including: a significant reduction in sugar levels
In adult diabetics and juvenile diabetes, in a way that allows for reduced use of insulin injections and an improvement in side effects.
Milk can also be used to treat eye infections and other infections, to improve chronic bowel disease such as colitis and Crohn's disease, to significantly alleviate the side effects of skin diseases such as psoriasis, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis, acne, and even rare diseases such as Daryer
Also for facial skin
Creams made from nacre milk can be used for skin care, as it helps to brighten stains, prevent wrinkles, moisten and give the skin softness and suppleness.
Bedouin women apply the cream, which is produced from boiled camel's milk, thus protecting the skin from the harsh weather in the desert. According to Bedouin tradition, the milk of the naqah has a proven quality to strengthen male power.
Composition of the milk:
About 2% fat (with a very small percentage of cholesterol, the best kind of person).
About 1.9% -2.3% casinos, and does not contain casein, which causes allergy to children (K-casein).
About 4.8% lactose (compared to 4.9% in the cow).
Milk solids - 12%
Vitamins - Vitamin A, B2, E, and folic acid, low level of cow's milk.
Vitamin B12, B6, at a level similar to cow's milk.
Vitamin C - 3 times higher than cow's milk.
Iron - much more than cows' milk (similar to that found in breast milk).
Calcium - 3.5 times the heart of a cow.
Energy - 47 - 48 calories per 100 ml
Why camels?
Camels unique biology enables them to live in the
desert without drinking or eating for up to
6 months.
 Camel farming has been named an official
de-desertification “ method by UNESCO.
 Cultivated by man, camels are efficient to grow: less
demanding than cows and produce many products.
 Camel’s products are: meat, wool, fat, calves and
the unique camel milk
Camel Milk  Market Highlight
s.. Today, camel milk represents only 0.5% of
the worlds milk production .its market size
is $300M.
 The world is discovering the camel milk:
according to the UN, its is estimated to
reach $10B by 2025.
 “The potential is massive, camel milk is
 Anthony Bennet, FAO dairy and meat expert
(UN committee)
 Strong demand for camel milk and camel
colostrums is pushing up its prices
Camel Milk facts
. Low in lactose, proteins rich with antimicrobial protective effect, also used to produce 1
. Declared “Super Food” by UN Nutrition Committee: 2
- Camel milk is three times richer in vitamin C than cow’s milk and 10 times richer
. in iron.
- Strong anti- inflammation influences
- 1 glass of camel milk is nutritious enough to sustain a person’s through the day.
 A rich source of proteins with potential antimicrobial and protective activities.
 Camel milk is three times higher in vitamin C than cow’s milk and 10 times higher
in iron.
 Camel milk has enough nutrients to sustain a person through the day.
 Considered “Super Food” by Nutrition Experts.
The healing effects of camel milk have been tested and analyzed by scientists for
 many years.

Camel milk is known to
Help reducing the effects of inflammations, strengthens the immune system, protect
the body from oxidative injuries and improve skin health
Camel Growing in israel
Israel Mostly grown by Arab
nomads in the south of israel
camel products are the secret of their longevity. In order to meet Cameline
ltd has perfected the
growing method of the
nomads, and have built an
innovative growing process
that leads to higher yields.
Developed by 1st class
scientists, Cameline’s
growing knowledge can
help yield up to 30% more
camel milk, without adding
This document presents the connection between the performance of the normal immune system, autoimmune diseases and camel milk therapy.
The immunoglobulins (Igs) are large long and short-chained domains, having difficulties reaching and penetrating antigens.  Camel immunoglobulins have no short chains and small so are active against antigens.  The camel’s immunoglobulins pass into the milk and so are available for combating autoimmune diseases.
The most pertinent factor is that conventional treatments of autoimmune diseases are based on immune-suppression, while camel milk Igs enhance the immune system, revitalizing immune integrity.
Camel milk was first mentioned in the Moslem Holy Scriptures as being a gift for hungry people and a remedy for sicknesses.  This claim is still valid today and, therefore, can be considered an natural and historic treatment.
The Prophet Muhammed considered camels’ milk medicinal.

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